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New seller coming back!

Hi everyone! I’m coming back to Fiverr after a long while gone and I’m wondering how I can quickly get orders coming back in. I’m not quite sure where to promote my gigs in such a way that I can get orders coming in again.


@avid_write @ Welcome back to the Community. You can read this topic to be succeed: How I got my first order in 24hrs "My Secret Strategy"

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Hello, welcome back to Fiverr. As you have come back after long, try to let your previous clients know that you are open for business and taking new orders. If you have repeated buyers before they will surely resume working with you again.

This can be the first step. Do share your service to all the social platforms to boost the chance of getting new buyers.

Good luck.

Have a good journey here . All the best.

Thanks for linking this topic.

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Promote your gig on social media platform & try to send 10 buyer request everyday.