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New seller Experience here

I am a new seller in Fiverr market place now I’m sending lot of offer for Byer request
But sometimes some buyer request I don’t understand. some buyer want my work sample what I have done before. but I am a webDesigner and Developer I don’t know how I am show my work sample.


If you are a web designer/developer, then you SHOULD have a portfolio of your work. If you do, then send them the link - VERY EASY!!

Yes I know and I have a portfolio website already
But I’m afraid the fiverr will stick me if I share the link.

That’s against TOS.

Really easy :woman_shrugging: For example as a screenshot like this.
I don’t know what is your process of “designing” but I always have a visual like this. it can be simple jpg, pdf, whatever. :point_down:

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How you show the image with a offer for buyer request.