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New seller face problem

I am new seller in fiverr. My account has a problem. I can not verify the email and the phone so my account is not 100% compilation.Everyone helps me how I can verify emails and phones.


No on on this forum can help you with this, since we are not CS, and we do not have access to your account efforts. You are going to have to contact CS for this – they are the only people who can help you.


Please do contact CS. They will solve your issue. Thank you in advance !!


Check your email first
Also, have any mistakes been made in your email configuration?
See if you will receive any other email
Your account must be verified by email first
Would you send an email by fiverr?
Otherwise, the account will not be confirmed
Once the e-mail address is confirmed, the phone number is confirmed
Then everything is right
Everything on your side is right
Tell your problem fiverr customer support


I have same problem but my phone mo verified

It will be better if you contact with customer support. Thank you!

Thanks all for responce