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New Seller! Feedback Review!


I am a new seller in this job!
My order was completed but the feedback not out.
Can you help me?
Thanks !


Buyer did not give you review yet?


Welcome,:grinning::grinning::grinning: Brother.


Yes , how can I fix that?


Just wait and feel free to message him/her


Buyers have 10 days in which to leave feedback.

If you do this you may end up with a ToS warning - if buyers want to leave it they will. :wink:


If I request him/her before 10 days do i have chance to get ToS warning?


Yes. Just don’t - buyers get 2 reminders to leave feedback if they want to. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank You So much :thinking:


Bro help me ! There is no option for them to feedback!


This will only put your account at risk.

I second this.

Yes! It doesn’t matter when you send the message. If the person to whom you are sending the message feels like the message was unsolicited, they can report your message as spam, and Fiverr will send you a ToS warning, or worse, they might even suspend your account/ban you.

Never send messages inquiring/asking about feedback/ratings/reviews. :slight_smile: :+1:t3:


thank you so much @hanshuber16


They all go out to give Feedback, while I do not come up with the option!


You won’t get the option to leave feedback for your buyer unless they leave it for you first. :wink: