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New seller first order

Hello there,
How do I get the first order as a new seller?
Please help me.
Best regard,


This question has been asked at least 10,000 times already on this forum. Just use the search function to find tips instead of asking the same old question.

Actually, you should have already made a plan to get orders before you started selling. What? Did you think you could just put gigs up and have them sell like hotcakes without having a plan for success?

Study business, marketing, and communication. Preferably from a textbook. Then come back. I am sure you will have some semblance of what to do then.

But, of course, that is too difficult. It is not a trick or an exploit, so you won’t do it.

Anyway, good luck.


Merkiting you gig social fiverr forum.proper way buyer request

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be active and share your gig on social media

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