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New Seller + First Sale. Inspire!

I just joined Fiverr not too long ago and wanted to say “Hi!” to the community and share my experience so far.

After 3 days since creating my account and posting my first gig I got my first sale. My gig had 50 impressions, 1 click and 1 order (100% conversion rate woohoo!)

I am hopeful it will get better as I learn more about SEO and Fiverr’s search algorithm. Cheers to everyone stopping by - don’t give up!

I recommend taking the most time on your gig image (thumbnail), and also on keywords. Use keywords people are typing in on the search bar to find your services; and be sure to use those same keywords/phrases in your gig’s description.

That’s all for now… Good luck


Wow congratulations :slightly_smiling_face:


Many Many Congratulation!!!

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Thanks alot bro. Its really inspired me

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No problem! Stay positive and sales will come

Hello welcome to Fiverr community and wish you good luck