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New Seller From UK

Hi People,

So I was recommended this after I had completed flyers, banners, logo and letterheads for my community centre I am wokring in. My boss said i should create one of these profiles so I can make a little extra cash while doing something I enjoy.

I have spent a few years playing around with photoshop and experimenting with new brush types and fonts. So I now have, what I would like to call, an intermediate knowledge of photoshop. There maybe be better people on here than me, but I would like to think my current Gig is well-priced and always welcome to constructive critism, whether its negative, but would prefer posiitve lol.

So while doing this I am hoping to expand my knowledge on photoshop, and build a small enterprise. I can usually turn projects around in a day or two and cant wait to get my first request!!!


Hi @grav1tygraph1cs,

Welcome to Fiverr and the forum!

Please take your time to carefully read Fiverr TOS, not only to avoid getting into trouble, but also to know how Fiverr works.

Also, I would suggest modifiyng the title of your gig, since right now, it doesn’t make too much sense.

The starting of the title is already provided by Fiverr: “I will” so you only need to complete whatever you will.

Last, but not least, please check the link below. It’s a free course provided by Fiverr.