New seller, getting no sales


Hi, I have joined Fiverr about a month ago and have uploaded 3 gigs but I’m not getting any sales or even a message. Also there are no buyer requests in my account. How can I start selling here? Please help.


Please be patient and keep on plugging at the buyer requests. However, if you aren’t getting any of those, edit your gig and change its category. It is all in the communication that you do with the buyer. Its been only 4 days that I’ve joined Fiverr and I have secured 4 orders successfully through buyer requests. Please don’t lose hope and keep trying!


make your gigs more eye catching and send buyer request using some strong words when you send a buyer request.




great and workable tips in the video. :slight_smile:


I’m happy you found it useful. :grin:


Wow Man, Good technique. I’ll be following these tip.


Also a little aside:
Do align your working hours with that of the morning hours in the US and Europe. I’m sure you’ll see plenty of request in those hours.


Thank you. Will do that.