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New seller gig edit

i create my gig about 22 days ago but after publish i edit my gig 6/7 tims and its on the first page but still not getting any order.what should i do delete this gig and create new?


I wouldn’t delete it, though I’d remove the URLs in it that aren’t in Fiverr’s list of approved URLs (unless you have permission for them from Fiverr).

so i should remove my own portfuio urls?

Yes, unless you have permission from Fiverr for those, since they’re not approved Fiverr URLs. If you want to link to a portfolio you’d need to use one of the approved URLs (or to get permission first from Fiverr for another site).

See this list on this page:

Also from that page:

Note: If you use a URL in your Gig, which is not in the above list, your Gig may be denied. Repetitive violations may also cause an account to be restricted.

ok i will remove it ok to edit 7/8 times ?

You shouldn’t get in trouble for editing that many times but it will probably keep getting removed from the search engine temporarily each time you edit it.

But if they are important edits (like removing unapproved links) then it would be better to edit it.

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ok edit my gig.still on the first page hope get an order soon :frowning:

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