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New Seller - Gig Extra slot available but doesn't stay checked

I’m a new seller and I just set up my gig yesterday.

I have 2 gig extra slots (in addition to ExtraFast) available on the editor page, but when I hit save only one of the gig extras shows up.

I tried editing again and it’s still not there.

My gig is Amazon seller related, but has nothing to do with fake review or anything that breaks the TOS of Amazon. I wonder why my gig extra doesn’t show up…

Thanks in advance for any pointer.

If this is still happening, I would address this issue with customer support.

It should stick when you check them and set days to none…

Sometimes however I have noticed IE not allowing some functions to work right without compatibility mode (If you’re using IE try firefox or chrome.)

-Otherwise I would suggest CS.

Great. Thanks! I’ll send my question to Customer Support :wink:

Hi guys,
I have the same problem and I cant solve it. Have you find out perhaps why the two available slot dont stay checked for new sellers when creating a new gig?
Ive red that new sellers are allowed to sell only two gigs extras. So, even when I leave empty the slots of -Extra fast delivery, -Source file, -Additional Image, -Additional revision - commercial use -stock image (all gig extras included in graphic & photoshop editing), Fiverr wont let me sell those two extra gigs.
Thank you