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New Seller - Gig improvements

Hello, I am a new seller here on Fiverr. I wandered if anyone could give tips on what is the best kind of video to add to a Gig? Would a more personal video of me talking be better than a created video without me in it? I understand the logic people buy from people, so I wandered if this might improve my gigs and conversions bu adding a more personal video

Many thanks


Hi Jamie,

Considering your service and the fact that you’re a native speaker, I think a personal video is better than a cheap whiteboard animation.

The slideshow video you have right now isn’t really engaging either I’m afraid :slight_smile:
It won’t make you stand out because anyone can make a video like that.

@uxreview Thank you for the input - Looks like I will be in front of the camera today, I quickly threw the videos together so I had a feeling they would not be as engaging as a more personal video from me. I am however rather camera shy, but I must overcome this and crack on with it :joy:

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I have the same problem, but fortunately my service doesn’t require me to be in front of a camera. My clients care more about the designs. However, in your case I think they want to meet the person :slight_smile:

Although, don’t make a low-quality living room video :wink:
Find an appropriate background for your video and if you have any resources to hire a video editor to make the smooth transitions and clean up any possible sound issues then please do so.

I didn’t have much time to do a proper research, but take a look at his videos. He’s casually explaining his experience, showing pieces of his daily life and even though it looks professional, it doesn’t feel too scripted.

:joy: I may have to create a cheap video - I do not really have the resources at the moment to create anything spectacular.

I will have a play around and hope for the best, hopefully my nervous disposition will be enough to win them over :roll_eyes: :rofl:

This usually happens when you’re talking to the camera. It might help if you do it in an interview format like the video I shared. Put the camera (iPhone :smiley: ) on a steady stand and simply talk to your wife / GF / friend.
Later you can cut it the way it makes sense.

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Now those kind of videos I can only dream of right now - I will get there small stepping stones for a longer future mission :grinning:

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