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New Seller Gig Numbers!?

@bmsurujuddin welcome…

Let them do maam, don’t feel bad

I don’t have to “let” people be annoying and rude and there is no point in people repeating an answer.

And don’t call me ma’am. How many times do we have to explain why that isn’t okay?


Some people think it’s polite. Others (like me) think it’s just unprofessional. It suggests a differentiation is status.

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Exactly. In any culture it suggests servitude but we are peers.

People have been asked here many times to stop doing it but they still do.


… my flagging :triangular_flag_on_post: finger is twitching …


And on that note, how many GIGs can a new seller create?

(I just had to)

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:ok_hand: @coerdelion

@marinapomorac :ok_hand:

how many Gig’s can i create as a level 3 seller ?

There is no Level 3 I guess :stuck_out_tongue:
Only Top Rated !

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ohh great thanks for the information - :joy: i don’t know that,

Now you do ! :smiley:

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yeesss! cheers :heart_eyes:


Yes right even there is a lot of post on forum where seller ask same question :frowning:

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you can create 7 gigs.

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@design_visionar Thanks

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@bmsurujuddin welcome brother

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How to get Level 7 GIG numbers, please?

@design_visionar :heart_eyes: