New seller gigs ideas


Please help me I have no Idea how to start selling on Fiverr, I just want to create a nice Gig in order to start promoting my self but have no idea were to start.


If you have’nt created any gigs by now, I will suggest you to explore some nice and successful gigs on fiverr, see their creativity for making their gigs and finally make a draft Title/Description for your gig.

You should divide your description into 3 parts. One Will introduction, Second Will describe the offers, Third will tell about some thing that you are going to do to please your buyers.

And of course in every sections you will put some important tags so that your gigs can be SEO optimized.

Take 3 HD images (Make for your own), One PDF file related to your service, and One Introduction Video showing your self. Those all for decorate your gallery.


Do gig research … It will help you a lot


Sir plz also help me i havent received any orders yet i have views instead only plz help sir


you need send buyer request
share your gig in social media
try to active in fiverr as much as possible
best of luck :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face: