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[New Seller] Got a question regarding revisions


Hello everyone.

Im currently working on a gig that offers the following

5 Logo Proposals
4 Revitions

I made my first delivery, and the customer requested a revision on #3 #4 and #5 proposal.
He also stated that he liked version 1 and 2, and requested some minor changes on those.

My question is, requesting 3 new logotypes proposals count as a revision?
Lets say he don’t like any of the logos and keep requesting revisions.

That meas that he can have a total of 20 logotype proposals when using all of the revision available?



You are the seller. You have the power and right to determine what you will do to satisfy a “revision”. Do what you think it right, according to the terms of the service you have provided.



If your buyer wants more modification than you have to inform him/her that you can only provide 4 to 5 revisions and ask them to read your gig description but make sure you have mentioned how many revisions you will provide. You can also inform that if you want more modification you need to purchase extra gigs for modification.

Discuss things with buyer in professional manner, don’t be rude and don’t get frustration on him!!