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New seller having 7 gig on same niche


Hello fellow freelancers,

I will like to know if it’s advisable as a Fiverr New Seller to have 7 gig on the same niche or within 2 different niche such as branding and social media management.

Having 7 gig, what is the good or bad side of it?

Please i would love to hear from those who have experience more than me as a newbie to fiverr.

Thanks you all.


Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! !!:slightly_smiling_face:


If you type “gigs in same niche” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which may be of interest to you.


Okay, you mean having 7 gig is not a problem right?


Suggest you read what I said. Haven’t made any comment other than to direct you to read posts on the subject.

There you will find lots of comments by others.


I don’t think it matters, really. As long as you’re good at what you do and are offering services that are somewhat in demand, you have the potential to succeed on Fiverr.

Arguably, it’s slightly easier to market yourself as an expert in one field; but, there are plenty of sellers who position themselves as experts in multiple fields.


Yes! It’s very helpful, in a number of ways. Your other gigs in that Category could be mentioned on a gig page, plus if someone is browsing a category, they may see more than one of your gigs there and this may prompt them to pay closer attention to you and check you out.

I must stress that this does depend on the quality and variety of the gigs you offer. Fiverr would penalize you if you had gigs that were very similar because can interpret that as an effort to game the alogrithm and people would be annoyed at seeing the same thing from you duplicated.


Thanks very much, i do really understand all you said.


I think its not a problem. creating many gig with different tag, title will grow your sell. but don’t copy others.