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New seller having troubles with an order/buyer... Fiverr Veterans: Help, please!

Good Morning Everyone! I’m having trouble with a buyer and lack of communication that I fear will cause me to not be able to complete their order on time. I’m a new seller to Fiverr, and have one completed order under my belt with a wonderful review… I don’t want to tarnish that hard work, so I’m wondering if someone can suggest the safest course of action for me to take…?

The Situation: Buyer accepted the offer I sent to their buyer request. Buyer submitted gig requirements, so the clock started counting down. The project required me being given access to the buyer’s QuickBooks account. I require a special code to login on top of the regular login information I’ve been provided with that was emailed to the buyer upon my request to login.

I sent a message yesterday advising of the situation, and again this morning, to which I’ve received no response. I had given a time frame of 3 days for a job I knew I could easily complete in 2 days. I now have 1 day left and can still complete the job well if I really, really push myself, which I’ll do if she replies.

My fear is she won’t reply, and if she does, it will be last minute and the order will end up being late, which reflects negatively on me as a seller from my understanding. From my reading of the forums, it seems cancelling the order will also reflect negatively on me. Being new to Fiverr with only one completed order and review so far, anything negative on my profile will surely have a negative effect on me receiving more orders.

TL;DR: _Unexpected requirement arose after accepting a job offer; buyer not responding to my requests for the piece of information; clock is ticking and the order time is running out. What is the best course for me to take with the least amount of negative impact on my stats as a seller?_

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Hi there!

Go to the order resolution centre - top right on your order page, and ask the buyer for an extension on the delivery time.

Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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That sounds like a good suggestion, thank you. Do you know what will happen if she doesn’t respond to that request either?

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I’ve never used it to be honest, but this may be useful:

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I hope you never need to! But again, thank you for the suggestion. I will give it a little longer for her to reply with the missing information, and will proceed this way should I not hear back.

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This is the same fear I came across in my earlier time stage on fiverr. I also met with a situation where I wanted to cancell the order as buyer didn’t submitted the required references. So I urge fiverr to cancel the order but I didn’t want to reflect it to my cancellation rate as it wasn’t my fault. Fiverr replied, cancellation rates are only visible to you. So no worries. It’s just for us to track our system. And where the point of waiting time for buyer’s call, fiverr said, they are in progress to talk with authorities, I urged them to hold the time till we get the reply from buyers. haha. So let’s wait for revolution then. Good luck and keep working. Don’t worry as long as you’re not in fault :slight_smile:

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Thank you for that! It’s good to know that if cancellation is the outcome, it at very least won’t be visible to everyone else. I hope that prevents the buyer from leaving any kind of review as well… A reasonable buyer wouldn’t leave a negative review for a situation that played out in this manner, but it’s sometimes difficult to tell for certain if those we do business with through the screen is reasonable or not…

I have to wonder… while it’s not visible to everyone else, I wonder if it’s one of the metrics used in Fiverr’s system that relates to seller exposure. From my understanding, it seems what Fiverr uses in the back-end of things for that is unknown.