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New seller! Hehe! (Venezuelan)


It’s a pleasure to introduce myself to the site. I expect to find a loveable community over there!

You could call me Reise, though.

I’m a guy that recently ended his sophomore year. I hope to acquire some exprience online in this site!

By the way, I’m a native Spanish speaker. I taught myself English, French and Italian.

I’ve attended some courses at my local French Alliance. That’s the only actual “professional” education that I’ve ever got. My other knowledge comes from me studying with videos, people, forums, among others.

I’m open to actually making relatives over there! Musicians, photographers, artists, translators, programmers… yup. I appreciate every one of you the most!


Welcome to fiverr community🤩
Wish you a very smooth journey here😇
Hope you will get your first order soon🤪
Have a great day😇
Thank you☺️

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