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New seller, Hello people

Hi! i am a new seller on Fiverr, and I’m really loving it here. Does anyone have any tips as i begin my fiverr journey. Thanks


please make your gig more impressive ,type the main letter in bold.and try to get more impressions on your gigs


Thanks a lot. I really appriciate

Do check the buyer requests section and send your best offer to the buyers to get your first order quickly.

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Alright, i’ll do just that.

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Make Sure Most of the time in a day stay online

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I am also new my first project about 3 month ago. use buyer request option as much as you can. I also use that for getting my first project.

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Alright. i’ll do just that

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Alright. Thanks a lot

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Thanks alot. i really appreciate

welcome Fiverr @desy_designs

  • create a gig according to your skill
  • write a perfect description
  • use best-looking gig image
  • share your gig on some social media
  • send daily 10 buyer request
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