New Seller? Help!


Hey you guys! I am totally new at this Fivver thing, and I have absolutely no clue what I am doing. I have started one gig for proofreading/editing, but I am still confused on some of the details on how this works. There are so many people offering those services that it almost seems like I have no hope in getting someone to buy into mine. How do I get people to notice me? And what are things I can do to help make my page unique and my offers more attention-grabbing?


did you read all the stuff in Fiverr Academy? That’s a good place to start.


Why, no I haven’t! Thank you so much! I’ll go check that out.


The first thing just believe on yourself. When you get the first order show them your high quality work. Try to share your gigs on social media to get new clients… I am a new buyer here like you and I got two orders and I hope to get more. I have just one gig about translation from English to French or vice versa… Wish you all the best.


Stop posting the same exact plea on different threads.