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New Seller here, am I allowed to put a direct download link in the buyer information section?

I want to start selling my eBook on Fiverr. Is it allowed to put a download link directly in the buyer information section? Sorry if this has already been asked, I did a search for it and didn’t find anything!

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No, you do not post a link anywhere, you create a gig from your account and sell it for $5.

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Right, but how do I send the book to them? I just put a download link in the “do you have any questions for the buyer” section, is that okay?

Reply to @weightforemmy: No, once they buy your gig, I’m not sure exactly what they would need to put in instructions. You don’t actually need to ask for instructions. But you can “deliver” your job and that is where you simply attach and send them the actual file. You can basically just do it right away, don’t have to wait. HOw big is your file size?

The best option would be to manually send it on the "delivery page"

Write up a clear paragraph and keep using it over and over. Simply upload your ebook or you can have a downloadable link.

Noooo lol, make a gig and sell it for however much you want - starting from $5.


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