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New seller here and i need help

My video has been under review for a month now and the video is my own work that im am trying to sell any help?

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Welcome to the Fiverr forums.

If it’s game footage, then I’m not surprised at the long review. There’re no cut-scenes included, correct? The length is shorter than 59 seconds and the file format is correct?

(I had a video that was in review for 2.5 months, though different category.)

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it does have game footage but its cut really short and not more that 20seconds of game footage is shown in it

also thank you for welcoming me haha :_

Did you use any default templates or assets?

no none at all its my original work that i put together in a compilation

Might just have to wait then. You could file a ticket, but Customer Support is about 2 weeks behind right now.

In the meantime, maybe work on creating another gig for something else?