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New Seller Here! Greetings~


Hello! I’m a broke university student looking for a means to meet expenses and also gather experience~ It’s nice to meet you!

A little (a lot??) about myself–I’m a sophomore, enrolled in a Liberal Arts programme currently, and a wannabe writer. I’ve been writing since I was very young–started out plagiarising a children’s story, of all things, haha–and my favourite genres to dabble in are speculative fiction, magic realism and mythpunk! I also love anime.

I tend to be a bit all over the place in terms of what interests me: I’m into photography, absolutely /love/ film editing and have shot the occasional film myself; I also draw, paint, and am currently teaching myself to animate. I am also fascinated by languages (both programming and otherwise) … and have been starting too many sentences with ‘I’. What languages do you speak/want to learn?

Again–lovely to be part of this site. If you have any tips to guide a rookie squire like me, please kindly deposit them herein, and thank you in advance! ^^


Hi, and welcome to the Fiverr Forum!

I’m a language fanatic myself. I speak only one (English), but I’m very interested in that, as well as linguistics and cognitive psychology.

Hopefully you’re able to achieve some of your freelancing dreams this year. I see you already have one Gig online. Do you intend on creating more?


Welcome to the fiverr forum. …


Thank you! I do intend on creating more gigs–maybe offering video-editing services–but for now I think one gig is good to begin with.


Hi and Welcome to the Group


Welcome to fiverr forum
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You are welcome to the Fiverr Forum
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