New Seller here! How do I get my first order?


Hey there! I am new to fiverr. I am a whiteboard animator. I need instructions on getting my first order.



Share your gig on social media to get more impression, and aslo your gig cover images to do as possible as attractive best wishes for you :+1::100::+1:


Thanks for the tip! I will try that!


welcome to , make your gig attractive and use buyer request daily because buyer request is best for getting orders


Thank you! I’ve been exhausting all my 10 buyer’s request for the past week though. Yet, I haven’t gotten any order.


If you sent 70 offers and nobody responded then there’s a problem with your offers.


what is a buyer request?


What do you reckon the problem might be?


Take the last request with your offer and copy it here.
Then we can see what the problem might be :slight_smile:

Right now it’s difficult to say because we don’t know what you’re sending out.


Create 7 gigs in different categories and share on social media use 10 offer.
as possible you get quick ordr