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New seller here looking for help with my Voice Over gig!

Hi there, I’m a male voice over artist who specializes in character voices and impressions, who’s extremely new to Fiverr, and I’m looking for advice regarding my Fiverr gig and how I can generate more traffic and orders to my services. I have already advertised my Fiverr gig to my Facebook and Twitter however to no real success and I haven’t been able to partake in buyer requests due to said buyers specifically looking for female voices or those of a different background all together.

Some things I’m also bit concerned of that might keep me from gaining traffic include:

  1. My prices for scripts and add-ons
  2. My option to request a specific voice I may not have listed on my initial order
  3. My preference to go under my alias/ not showing my face
  4. The quality of my voices I can perform.

Can anyone please tell me what I may be doing wrong with my Fiverr gig so I can further improve my business for the better?

Link to my Fiverr gig is here:

Thank you all in advance!


Its been little bit since I posted this thread, so I thought I should clarify something I brought up earlier. When I stated that buyers in my buyer requests were looking for people of different backgrounds, I mean those of different ethnicities as well as job backgrounds, such as a buyer looking for Army Veterans specifically for their project or someone specifically looking for Asian voice artists, that I cannot fulfill.

Hopefully this clarifies what I meant earlier for anyone confused by what I had meant.

Hi, and welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

  • Your (only) gig currently suffers from what we could call acute broad genericitis. It desperately needs to be split in two, which Fiverr encourages unless you’re making a bland copy of it - that’ll get it deleted as it’s against the rules.
    I’d suggest one like “voice for your animations, games and series” and then one towards more serious work (narration, tutorial/article voiceover, script reading of the copywriting kind). Your type of voice is also definitely more in demand for the latter, I know you want to do entertainment stuff but work is work.
  • Your gig is absolutely in need of a video, too. Perhaps with the voices or clips of characters you play visualised on-screen. Still pics are okay, nothing elaborate.
  • The description is brief but awkward. I would synthesise the Notes section, hardcore.
  • If you do the above, a FAQ section is entirely skippable. You could also add in a fifth tag and some more on your profile. Otherwise, your BR section won’t be as full as others’.

As for your concerns:

The base price is understandable and fine, but you need to up your extra word prices and lower the rights ones as it’s hard to justify that. You could also delete the syncing extra since it may be confusing to the common buyer.

“Show real face, keep portfolio on, show real name, share on social media, show education, etc. etc.” → hollow advice you get often. Zero correlation between success on Fiverr and all of this. Do not worry about that.

I’d say to just focus on giving a broad as possible showcase of your talents. As I said, a video would help.


Thanks for the advice!

I originally decided against splitting my gig in two because I believed that people would also request my character voices for narration and commercial projects as I don’t really have much confidence in my regular speaking voice, but I can definitely split my gig into two. I’m not the most proficient in editing software, but I’ll see what I can do about creating a video synching my voices to either footage of what I’m impersonating or still images. As for my price, I’m not really used to finding a good middle-ground for my word count and prices so I can definitely see how I can improve that in the future.
As for my concerns I am glad you had put most if not all of them to rest as I’m not used to being paid for my services. And finally with my description I mainly looked at what other gigs had and thought copying the same format would possibly help me in the long run, but I would like to ask if you may have any suggestions on how I can improve my description and notes to seem more coherent to potential buyers?

I’ll keep this thread up just in case I do get any more feedback on what I can do with improving my gig for the better, but I greatly thank you again for your help!

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I would already slim it down to something like:

  • I will not voice any offensive or strictly NSFW material.
  • I’m only a voice actor, not a singer, so no musical content.
  • Contact me before using my recordings in broadcasts/for advertising purposes! (highlighted)

Sort the proofreading thing out, your choice. Or say “make sure there are no typos in your script!”.
Other than that, if there are any tight-knit communities or artists you can contact, sponsors yourself directly or kindly message them rather than sharing links on your feed or large groups. Don’t be afraid or think it’s awkward, “knocking” collaborations and jobs usually work out.

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