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New seller here! Nice to meet you :)

Hi everyone, my name is RaidhoRune (or lazarusimperium here in Fiverr). I’m a sound engineer and a music producer.

I offer services of mixing and editing of songs, reviews of your songs or albums and composition of songs for videos or short films.

Visit my profile for any questions or suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:

See you and thanks for reading me.


:star_struck::star_struck: Hello & Welcome!

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welcome …my name is rana… I am expert at data entry & digital marketing.
nice to meet you…

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Ooh “sound engineer”. I like that professional title. So catchy. :star_struck: Anyway…welcome to Fiverr! :grinning:

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I studied that two years ago :smile:

Hi Laura! Nice to meet you :slight_smile:

If I need something of digital marketing, I’ll call you :slight_smile:

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ok bro
just ping me any time