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NEW SELLER? Here's How to Get 1st Order QUICKLY!

It’s Umar Farooq (Yomanew @ Fiverr)…

Today, I wanted to share a couple of TIPS on how to get innitial orders on Fiverr, in case you’re a NEW SELLER here…

So, by not wasting your time, I’m gonna get straight to the tips…

  • Complete your Profile (Description, Profile Picture, Tagline, Link Social Profiles etc!)

  • Ask your friends to send you some projects for FREE! (To build a portfolio, as you don’t have any orders yet, so do something to get the portfolio, and combine it within a short and sweat video for the gig!)

  • Buyer Requests section is HUGE! (I’ve completed 15 orders within 1st month, and now waiting for LEVEL 1 upgrade, I still have to wait 5 more days to get the LEVEL 1 status, as i am too early!)

NOTE: I’ll share a detailed guide on sending offers to buyer requests too, so follow me for that…

  • GIG description should be for Buyers. (I mean, make it pleasing to the BUYER. Think like a buyer and then write the description. OR, you can see some TOP rated sellers here on Fiverr in your niche, notice how they’re writing their description!)

NOTE: I’ll share more tips on writing a CONVERTING GIG DESCRIPTION too, so follow me for that as well…

Well, these are all the tips i have right now to share. I’ll update the post with new ones too, as i get new tips from my experience…


Thank you For your Great Advice :slight_smile:

No problemo! :slight_smile:

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really new tips for new sellers

Thank you!

Excellent tips for starter. :slight_smile:

I hope, I will get 1st Level Soon.Hoping for the best.

I hear your tips, try n use them…wish me luck


Good luck!

Good luck, mate!

Thank you! i have been thinking so

It’s so helpful… thank you.

It’s so helpful…

thank you.

Great tips. I seem to be getting a decent amount of views and clicks, but no orders. I’m not sure if I’m not being specific in my description or if my work just isn’t appealing. I have 5 active gigs to try and see if adding more will help with that.

thank you

I have taken a look at your profile and they’re quite unique gigs. Social Media is great for exposure and I really think you should advertise your gigs through there. That will help a lot!

Anyway, it does take a bit of time for orders to come through. It took me about a week to get my first order.

I don’t really depend on Natural and Organic orders. I catch them from Buyer Requests section! :slight_smile:

Really Helpful Tips :slight_smile: