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New seller, how long to review gig?

Hello everyone!

I am a new seller here and am anxious and excited to start on my first Gig (if I get one :P), but as soon as I finished creating my new Gig, it had a little gray box next to it that says “Pending Review”. So I’m assuming all new gigs follow the same process before they go live?

How long will my Gig be “pending review” for before I can start advertising it/before i can see it on the fiverr site?

Also, do you have any tips that I might be able to benefit from? I am going through the forums at the moment and have seen some pretty cool ideas/tips.

Thanks! =))


not necessary that your giggs always show " Pending Review " , it will take almost 24 hours for your gigg to get approved :slight_smile:

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Hi Jasson0550 , my friends.

I am new in Fiverr to. I make my first gig without pending review. Just make an active. I make 2nd with pending review, not long to be active , less than 1 day. If you want to be fast, Try to contact support on fiverr. I hope it will help. I have information that, if your gig pending review, it because your gig have same/similiar description or tag or title or many symbol in description or many CAPSLOCK font. Then you fix it, I hope your gig will active soon. I think, I have may problem on symbol and CAPSLOCK font then i fix them an get active. :slight_smile:


Oh thanks dataextractor and yandidesigns :smiley: thats good to know! best of luck to you :slight_smile:

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Fiverr is ridiculously too long to approve. ********* is INSTANT and I’ve had a better experience over there so far.

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The post you replied to was created in 2013. Most gigs on Fiverr are currently approved instantly. Gigs that break rules like listing Skype ID or posting adult services might be delayed. There might be a few other reasons for a delay like incorrectly sized images or failure to fill in all the fields.

Otherwise, gigs are normally published instantly. If a video is added the video takes a little extra time for review but that doesn’t slow the actual gig down. If you prefer other sites, though, it’s less competition for sellers here. :stuck_out_tongue:


Dear fonthaunt,
Please say actual gig image size.

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You can resize your gig into 682x459 px

Hope it’ll helpful

Wow, they censored the name of the company you were referencing? Classy.