New seller- how to be more influential


How could one be more influential with his/her Gigs so as to reach a wide range of customers?


I am interested in this too.


Always provide quality work.


Well, that would help, I agree.


@stelexa i am new seller here too. i am not yet a success on fiver. In the beginning on fiver a seller’s greatest hurdle is the natural buyer thought process. There are so many level 2, level 1 and then top rated sellers with 1000s of reviews n with rating above 4.5 and in many niches even people doing good have gigs that start at $5.

New sellers can do just one thing. Do the best they can replying for buyer request and then patiently wait for no matter how they get a client. But when you get one after sooooo many dayss deliver the best of what you got. Till first five to ten good reviews and 5 star ratings it seems very hard to get a stable regular buyers in order to make a stable regular income from the fiverr.


The answer is simple… market and promote your gigs wherever your target customers are located.


@jonbaas i think you have answered this topic 1000 times :smiley: anyway you are doing great job in forum. motivating new sellers! :smiley:


Thank you. It gets frustrating at times providing the same answer to new seller that choose not to do their own research before diving into Fiverr – or worse, not reading the Terms of Service. But, someone’s gotta do it, right? It might as well be someone willing to say it like it is, and be a blunt voice for reason and responsibility – (two things many of these new sellers seem to lack).


My advice to new sellers!
Please refer TIPS FOR SELLERS in forum.


My tips:

First, watch the buyer request for 24 hours a day. I am not saying to watch 24 hours all together. Note down which hours have more flow of new buyer request.

Secondly: Watch for the 7 days of the week. Note down which days the new buyer request comes too many.

Finally: Work smartly. Because you already know the best time to send your quote to the buyer. So change your working time according to your note.

Buyer request is the best way to get new work quickly.

After a period of time, you wouldn’t need to send buyer request. Because you will get too many loyal buyers who will be looking for you all the time. Happy times are near. Just be passion and Honest. Everything will come to you.

Thank you and Best wishes.


Thanks everyone I really appreciate your help.


If you want to succeed, all you have to do is to provide an unmatched service and strive to make your customers 100% satisfied with your work. You may not receive orders in first few days, but later, you will receive some orders. Make sure to create as many gig as possible with some variations depending on your expertise and needs of your target market. You can also join the Fiverr Forum and promote your gig in the New Gigs section. Sending offers for Buyer Requests is also a good move to get some orders. One of the most important things is to keep in touch (no one knows when you will receive your first few orders) because if you get an order cancelled or if you receive some negative feedback in first few weeks, it has a significant impact on your ratings.

Good luck!