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New Seller How to get order in a short time

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As a new seller, I Want to take advantage of all the fiverr new features? all fiverr expert suggest me.


Improve your English. It is an international market and English is the common language so get good at it, otherwise your messy wording makes you appear less than competent, even if you are super-excellent at your job seeing words are how you sell yourself here.

Forget the idea of quick anything, unless of course you are here to sell garbage, in which case you need to get in and out quick before it all comes down on you. Which is of course not worth it for a few $5 sales.

Build something that is memorable because it is Great Work, not something that ignorable because it is exactly the same as every other person who is making nothing.



All time Active in fiverr that you will get order short time.


This staying active or being active in the Fiverr Forum is well-known to be garbage in both cases.

Great that you want to help, but you really need to be sure that what you say is at least reasonably true before you present it as fact or you lead people (and maybe yourself) astray.



Ok! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the advice.

Write proper & exact buyer request & send daily try to send 10 buyer request daily… Then you will get your first order soon.


Marketing you gig on social media and sand buyer request on daily basis. (on a good way). :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes I am continuing.

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I agree with this. Staying on online on Fiverr or the forum does not help at all. Seriously it does not.

I am sure, I make spelling mistakes, but this guy has a spelling mistake in the word ‘Seller’. That cannot bode well for his future.

So yeah,


  1. Fix the English.

You don’t have to be good at English by default. I am typing this in my browser, and the browser itself auto corrects majority of spelling mistakes. Grammar and related things will improve over time.

  1. Why is everybody in a hurry? I keep seeing these posts, get your first order quick, 24 hours and what not.

Everyone wants to get everything done fast. Put up your gig, let the algorithm do its work, and let people see and contact you. Of course, you are already loaded with money (I am not), buy the extra packages and boost your gigs. Ultimately though, I find that freelancing is a waiting game like any other business.

There is no difference between what we do here and what the local street vendor does. Wait for customers and when they come, give what they want.

Essential economics of supply and demand will take care of the rest. If you are giving something really good, people will buy your stuff. If you are giving something bad, then, they wont.

Important Note: Dont quit your day job for freelancing. Keep it as a second or a third source of income. Like a distant relative who visits you occasionally, bearing gifts and presents, he he :stuck_out_tongue:


I agree on the questionability of his future, despite appearing to be a suit-wearing person, he has gone on to post this stay online garbage even after I just pointed out it is total BS.

One of his running mates seems proud of this activity to be sharing BS.

It seems that there is indeed a whole other game being played here that you and I are apparently not part of. Happy for that to be the case, but like bikies selling poppers, I wish they would keep their messed-up world to the shadows and not where it affects others.



Thanks for the advice.

send buyer request regularly and describe your plan to buyer


“whole other game being played here that you and I are apparently not part of”

I do get that feeling sometimes :slight_smile:

I would not say I am an expert or something, but some things (like staying online and being active on Forum) is just bad advice.

I can see some logic, like, if you are online, a client might be happy that they can chat with you right away. I see the merit in that. However, I have observed that most of the clients like to evaluate different freelancers over a few days before hiring them. So, as long as you reply (after getting notified on the app or website) within an hour or two, your chances are good.

The forum advice though…thats crazy. I have been on Fiverr for 2 months now, and I only discovered the forum a few days ago. I doubt think a buyer will take time out of his life, log in to the forum, find out who is very active in the forum, and then hire.

Sellers have a motivation. We come here, give advice, share annoyances and just like to discuss.

I just dont imagine a buyer doing that. I cannot see the logic in that.


Yes I appreciate your conception😅


Thanks for share value able advice


Thanks for sharing. It was helpful.


Thanks for sharing such informative article.


“How to get order in a short time”

Fiverr is not quick and easy money!

Check out: New Sellers … The True Way to Success!


No. This is nonsense. You have four reviews from the past 13 months. Your last delivery and review was six months ago. This is less than one review every three months.

And you are telling people that being active on Fiverr all the time will get an order. It doesn’t appear to have worked for you. Someone might read your nonsense and believe you.