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New Seller. How to get orders asap?

I have recently joined Fiverr and created my first gig successfully.
How can I get orders asap?
Here’s the link to my gig :
Hoping for a helpful reply.
Thank you.


Follow these steps…

  1. Try to be active as much as you can, fiverr gig ranks depends on your activity.
  2. Buyer Request is the best friend of a new seller, so try to send 10 buyer request everyday.
  3. While creating a new gig try to target keywords from suggested keywords.
  4. Trust yourself, you can do it and no one can stop you.

Thankyou for your suggestions.
But what to do if there is no buyer’s request ?

Yeah, it’s a common question of every new seller that “why they are not getting buyer requests?”
Try to make 3 or more gigs in a different category, so that when a buyer will post a request it’ll match with your category and you’ll get that request.

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Will surely keep these points in mind.
Thanks a lot.

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welcome to Fiverr Forum

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Welcome to the fiverr.
stay online.
work hard and search good keyword and put on your gigs. So, You can get order.

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welcome fiverr foram

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welcomeee and good luck on fiverr !!!

You should hard work in this platform.

The best way to attract customers is to focus on your skills! If you are doing well, smart customers will see that and award you.

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