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New seller how to get orders?

Hello, i am new seller, I got one order only, I want to know how to get orders I am sending buyer requests daily, but no success and I want to know that do fiverr gives seller automatic orders


If you type “how to write a buyer request” in the search bar above there are several posts on the subject which may be helpful to you.

The answer to the above is no. Fiverr just gives you a platform on which to sell your gigs.

Suggest you read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page so that you know the rules as to how Fiverr works.


Active all time , send buyer request, and marketing your gig


I am sending buyers requests daily, active 24/7, and promoting gig on social media but still no orders

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One of the ways to get orders as a new seller is by using the buyer request option. You can also create as much gigs as you can to be more active. Thank you.


same story here, since new seller we have to deal with huge amount of bids sometimes it shows 400 already applying …seriously its ridiculous !

Though i am a new seller,my suggestion is be patient.
You should observe your impression and click and view ratio of your gig.
if it is not good then delete your gig and research more and create new one.
Hope it will be helpful

Perhaps you can write better responses to buyer requests. You’re going to have to find a way to complete for jobs in buyer request. If you aren’t gaining the kind of response you want from there, then maybe you need to up your game, and change how you are competing for those jobs. Perhaps the other people competing for those BR jobs are doing a better job of appealing to the needs of the buyer.

And as far as you plastering your gig links all over social media, that is ineffective and will not result in sales. You need to connect directly to the people who need your services. Are the people you are connected to on your social media accounts the exact people who need your services?

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Let me tell you that it takes time… In my first year I did only 1 order per month if much. Just 500$. But 2nd year I did 10x more. And today I do a lot of orders. Just keep doing what you do. I never forced anything, neither did any promotion on any social media, and still I got results after some persistance.


Keep sending buyer request

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That is NOT going to result in more sales. Mass quantity is not how you build a personal reputation as a freelancer. Take the time to respond to only the buyer requests that you can complete, and even then, make sure your response is targeted to the needs of each buyer.


Totally agree! All buyer requests I sent. I mean, ALL of them, I got >90% of buyers to choose me.

I am sending buyer requests daily, but because i am new seller buyers don’t trust I think, whats your thought

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its not, I have sent 117 buyer requests till date but only got one order form it, the one i got was only comprised of 2 lines I sent to buyer, he accepted and pay what I demand, but after that I am not getting any orders

I think you are right dear

Same here. I am also facing this problem.

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I think price should be suitable and use the bonus to get order.

send daily 10 buyer request, and Promote your gig social media

It depends the niche you are targeting. For example, I am undoubtely the best on my nich on community creation. If I was targeting Logo creation, then it would be more dificult since my qualitys on that field is not atonishing, plus there is a LOT of Logo gigs creation, so its perfectly normal sometimes to not get buyers on that field. Plus, when we reply properly and with complete understanding of the work to be done, and how to bring interest on the buyer, then its easyer to get more buyers.

So, replying properly is a must, but ofc its not the only thing to get orders. There are a lot of factors, as your work quality, your reviews, etc
But the key factor is to find your place in a very specific niche. :wink: I am lucky since I did find mine.

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Online all time as you can. share your gig on the social network to getting more views and impression. Sending buyer request professionally every day. it helps you most to getting the new order. thanks☺