New Seller! How to improve my gig?


Hi! I’m a new seller on Fivver and would love to know your input on my gig!
I love to draw and so I made that my first gig
Any input would be appreciated!
Thanks :smile:
I Will Draw Cute Digital Illustrations


You have a real talent. I love your drawings. It will take a little while to get attention, but I think you’ll do very well on Fiverr. Here are a couple of ideas:

Raise your prices to $10/$25/$50 or $25/$50/$75. In the old days, you had to be at $5 to get rolling if you had no reviews. Today, the search algorithm seems to be punishing gigs with low average transaction prices. If you search the Cartoon & Caricature listings, few of the front page gigs are at $5. (In the Logo category, none of them are.)

99% of Fiverr purchases are for marketing purposes. I would recommend creating a gig image that looks like an illustrated ad for some fictional product.

You might also have a sample that was a multi-panel short story. That would get people to want to click in to see if it’s funny.

You have a real skill. I wish you the best.


Cool gig. I think you will do well.


Oh wow! Thank you so much for your reply!
I’m really glad you like my drawings :blush::blush::blush:

I came from Deviantart, where the majority of sellers are younger kids who sold their pieces for a for cents at a time (That was me for a bit :scream: )
I was scared of raising it too high as I am a new seller, so I thought it would seem a bit off putting?
But I will try it out!

I will also look into creating a new gig image! I was initially going to create a gig image focused on “Turning you into a Cartoon”, which seems to be a popular topic?

And regarding the multi paneled story, I was planning to create another gig focused on short comics. Unless you mean a comic that was more towards just the advertising of my gig?

Hope you don’t mind another question!

I have another gig that was geared more towards couple illustrations in my style
Do you think that it overlaps my other gig that I listed above too much?


Thank you!! :laughing::laughing::laughing:
I hope I do :slightly_smiling_face:


With your skill, there are lots of directions you could go. Thousands of authors are looking for illustrations for their children’s books, and there are countless reasons that someone would want themselves (or their loved-ones) turned into a cartoon. Try them all, especially if you can make your art harmonious enough in style so that when one sees your profile page, one can immediately tell that the same artist drew them all.

There is an extremely successful brochure designer who wanders into the Forum fairly often, and each of his many gig offerings definitely have his unmistakable signature look (in his case, bold colors with a strong use of grass green, red, orange and yellow, with comparatively little white in the backgrounds). If you offer a variety of illustration-related services, all with a certain style, you will earn a following.

I think the key is to keep that clean look, and to show a variety of characters (and maybe backgrounds) so a marketer (the #1 buyer on Fiverr) can imagine how he or she might put your work to good use in a commercial setting.

Best of success to you. :slight_smile:


My suggestion is geared towards the portfolio.
You should consolidate your drawing style so that it becomes recognizable at first glance, and show to the buyers something that could be used as a cover of a manga (I’m sure that you get me). In this sense the first drawing is great, the second barely fits, and the third is confusing.


I see! That is really helpful :grin:
I’ll look into creating some more example pieces that are geared specifically on my gig!

Thank you so much for helping me out :hugs:


I see, I initially put those in order to show my variety in style, but maybe it’ll be best to have just one to improve on for now before branching out :hushed:
I’ll create more pieces following my gig more closely and I’ll update it soon ^^
(Haha I get you :wink: )

Thank you for your input!


Need To Share Social Media And Need To Gig Marketing Stay With Active Fiverr


I’m trying so :grinning:
Thank you!


Hi! Thank you for the help previously!
I’ve update my gig and created a new one as well, do you think they fit the idea of what I’m selling better?

@pacquo @selfors


Absolutely! They stand out. And I love the style. :grinning:


Yay!! Thank you so much!!
I’ll try to advertise this on social media now aha!


Just got a few orders!! I really think it was because of the changes ^^

Thanks again~