New Seller - how to sell for more than $5?


No extras allowed, ordering multiple gigs disabled. Is there no way for my buyers to purchase for more than $5 WITHOUT having to order one at a time? That would be a real hassle and turn off for them.


Wait until day 28, then encourage at least 20 or so orders or whatever the level 2 requirement is. On day 30 when you finish all the orders you will have level 2 status and be able to offer gig extras in combination upto $165. or I should say $40 per gig extra. It doesn’t take too long to get a level 2 status if you bring in at least an ok amount of orders. It will be rough at first, but after you get the status, it’s much easier.


Consent with Freelancemm, but still waiting for better results…

here are my Gig



y are some of my looking for batman stuff unaproved?