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New seller? I will buy YOUR gig

Incredibly happy to have reached a total of 5,000 reviews through fiverr!

My success on this platform wouldn’t be possible without the sage advice and help I received on the forum as I was starting out.

As a token of appreciation to the community, I am going to attempt to pay it forward. The first five users to comment on this thread will have their gig purchased and reviewed by me.


  • Users must have 0 reviews
  • Users must have active, useful gigs
  • Accounts have to be more than two weeks old (sign-up date of prior to August 2015)

Too awesome! Congrats! Your profile is amazing! :slight_smile:

I would like to be a rock star like you! The only thing I can tell you is “keep going”

What a wonderful achievement, congratulations !!!

Awesome, really amazing to see someone doing the same type of work so successful! Congratulations!!!

Also really nice of you to help some newcomers!

Very happy for you :slight_smile: keep rocking…

That’s fantastic! Congrats and well done! :slight_smile:


Congratulations! What a nice thing to offer. You make Fiverr a better place, for sure. :slight_smile:

Congrats Sir! it was great to know about your success… :slight_smile:

Many Many Congratulations :slight_smile: and exciting offer by you for the new one like me …Thanks alot.

Wonderful and thanks on behalf of new sellers! I did a “pay it forward” like this months ago and it was a great success and very rewarding. I hope it does the same for you! (Of course, I’m doing fine and not “applying” I just wanted to honor your gesture!) Some of you sellers without a sale yet need to get in here if you haven’t yet!

Congrats on your success. Inspired :slight_smile:

Congratulations =D>

Congrats! Go ahead and get more of them :slight_smile:

AWESOME!! Superb. This is great achievement. Keep up

AWESOME. try my gig please.

That’s very generous of you. Help out more than five newbies if possible :slight_smile:
Please review my profile and give suggestions to become a TRS.


That’s awesome that you have achieved so much and giving back, all the best!

Still need 3 more sellers to purchase gigs from. Simply post to confirm interest. :slight_smile:

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