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New seller in a Fiverr, Order is not come

I have already 3-4 months active in Fiverr but I have don’t come any order. suggest me, please
my profile link :

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I like the one about vector tracing but the one about background removal the thumbnail so to speak is a bit busy. Also what I would recommend it to see what page you are on by using an incognito tab. Also look at buyer requests because you could get hired from that and then if they leave a good review you get a lot higher ranking


plz read topics in forum related to getting order which given by many great people.
send daily 10 buyer request, read forum topics to increase read time and share ur gig in social media.


Pretty Good Advice :relaxed:


Active in Fiverr, Send buyer request, and take a step that is Fiverr Anywhere :slightly_smiling_face:

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@shadow513 Thank you sir for suggesting me

@saifur_1717 Thank you sir for suggesting me