New Seller in Fiveer


I am new seller in fiveer and working from last 2 months and created gigs but still waiting for orders.


Welcome to fiverr!!
Best of luck :+1:


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Hey welcome broooo :hugs::blush::grinning: @ameerusman395


welcome to the biggest market place bro… :handshake:


What kind of work have you been doing these past two months? Have you been reaching out to your target customers and convincing them to hire you to solve their problems?


It looks like people are reading only titles :smile:
Order depends on what type of service you provide. Some gigs has so many competition and some has less so best you can do is improve your portfolio images plus video and take your time on description.


Good luck to your journey on fiverr,:heart:


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Hi and welcome! Make sure to read Fiverr Seller Terms of Service and Privacy Policy in order to avoid any loss further.

Click Here and I wish you best of luck!


Welcome joint fiverr bro !!!


Dont wait go and work for it! Share your gig over the places where you might find buyers who need your services! And the main look gig description! Never copy and get a best gig thumbnail


carry on . i hope you’ll be success today or tomorrow.


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You are most welcome


best of luck