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New Seller In fiverr 2021

Hi, I’m a data entry expert. I am a new seller on FIVERR. I’m glad to be a member of the Fever. If you suggest me to stay with me, then with your prayers I will also be able to reach my goal of success. Any suggestion for me to get the order, please share.
and please visit my account and share some tips,


Congratulations! Wishing the best.


First of all, welcome. and second of all its fiverr not fever. last but not least, you will get tons of answers out there with the exact similar query just put your query to the search bar which is upper right corner of the page to find your answers from the forum. all you have to do research a bit about how your competitors are doing and note down their weak point and try to add those point in your service to get unique out of the tons of sellers. Good luck.


thanks for your suggestion… it’s really helpful for me :slight_smile:


Thank you dear brother. You too.

Thank you so much for correcting my mistakes and for giving me some suggestions.