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New seller in Fiverr

Hello gurus,
Please am a new seller in Fiverr and ever since i have started, i have not received any offer.
Am a web designer by profession.
Please can anyone help me out.

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Don’t worry first time it take some time, just follow some simple methods.

  1. Send buyer request using Fiverr Buyer request feature on daily basis.
  2. Market your gig on social media.
    I think It should help!
    Good Day!

Oh I’m also web designer and thinking for making my first gig on fiverr

am Joel Davis
from Jamiaca
i do flat logo design and convert pdf to word

Hello! I’m a writer/editor and I would like to share my capabilities and skills in this endeavor. Hope all of you had a great day.:slight_smile:

if you send me mail again, I will report you. Stop spamming my inbox.

Be patient man, you will get your first order very soon for sure!
Just share your gigs as possible as you can in social media and be online very often.

Good luck and enjoy!