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New Seller In Inbox

if a seller came in my inbox what should i do?


Ask for their needs.Be professional.

Hi @hubxpart,

If the seller’s message is not for the purpose of eventually placing an order with you, reply with a simple “Reported”, report the message through the Inbox and block the user.

Sellers are not allowed to contact other sellers unless they want to buy from them!


I don’t wanna waste time. Perhaps they don’t know what they’re doing. I politely say:

I’m sorry, I don’t think I will be able to help you. I think you will be able to find orders by yourself using these tips (and share some tips from the forum).

@maitasun, I don’t think these fellows should be treated this way.

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Someone knocked me to worked with him but i didn’t face this situation before after that i send him a custom offer and he didn’t accept. What should i do now? Would i report him now from my inbox?

Thanks i advance

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I’ve been spammed several times by these people while I was sleeping. They have put my Response Rate at risk, and have lowered, reeeeeeaaaaallllllyyyyyy lowered, my Response Time. So, yes, I don’t waste my time with them, and most of all, I don’t want them to waste mine!

It’s not an excuse to be new. I was once new, and NEVER did that to any fellow seller. Why should they be considered with soft hand? What’s good for the stallion, it’s also good for the mare!

And this is not only about having common sense. Every user is supposed to have read Fiverr’s TOS while creating an account. It’s not my problem if they haven’t! Rules are made for everybody, not for some, and are applied to everybody, not to few!


No, don’t report anybody for not accepting your custom offers. People are allowed to refuse to do business with you, even if they seemed eager at one point.

The people you should report, if you do choose to report people, are those who message you without ever having any intention of ordering from you. For example, some sellers might message you asking if you can buy their gig. Others might message you asking how they can improve their skills to be like you. These sellers are violating the TOS because they’re abusing the messaging function. A user is only allowed to message a seller to talk about buying that seller’s gig.

Maitasun said this in her initial post. :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delay @hubxpart. Please carefully read @ahmwritingco’s reply to you. He explained it very well. In fact, better than I would have ever done it. :wink:

Thanks for helping me out, AHM!!! :upside_down_face:

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Thanks a ton :grinning: @ahmwritingco @maitasun
I’ve my answers.


Bro…Same. problem … Is For Me

Please read carefully what AHM writes & hope you will get your answer too.


kick them :joy: and say goodbye