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New seller in need of some tips

hi, I am a new seller and just created my first gig but I have no orders and my gig doesn’t appear on the search engine .
I would appreciate it if anyone is willing to give me some advice to improve my gig or any comments about the designs I make.


your gigs are in “draft”?

no i started 1 gig and its active

oh, okay. Idk how can you improve your gig because i’m new here too. But i like your designs, they are really cool

oh, thank you for your complement :grinning:

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Your gig is active and can be purchased.

The correct spelling in your gig title and profile description is “create” and not “creat”.

Attention to detail is very important and spelling mistakes will put many buyers off.

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thank you didn’t realise I had a spelling mistake

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@crescent_mini well i am still new but what i understood that at the begin because you have no stars fever doesn’t show your account when someone search for your service they tend to put people with high stars.(you ca see that if you cheeked the number of impression).
i think you should buyer request option you can offer your services this way and try to get fist customer. also promote your self on social media
to be telling the truth i sill didn’t get any buyer.