New seller in town and I have some questions


How can I get more traffic on my gig ?
How long dose it take normally to get a buyer, and what can you do to be attractive on the side ?


As per my experience,
The most important thing is that to stay online mostly. When you are on PC/Laptop, then be online. When you outside then download Fiverr Mobile App and be responsive. Fast response to the buyer is something which is a plus point for a new seller to get an order.
Second thing is that to send offers to the buyer request daily but be alert do not send the offer to the irrelevant request.

You will get as soon as you are hardworking…

Thank you


That’s not entirely true. You don’t have to be online 24/7 in order to receive orders. You don’t even have to “stay mostly online”. What matters is how you present your gigs. If a buyer is looking for the services that you offer, and likes how you present those services (as well as the prices you have listed), then they’ll place an order.

Sales are initiated by buyers who like the services that you offer, not by you being online.

Yes, it is good to respond to questions from possible buyers, but you can easily respond to those an hour, two hours, even three hours later, and you’re not going to lose out on potential sales. Good buyers don’t make snap decisions, they weigh their options, they research the buyers that they like. And they are usually willing to wait for a few hours for you to answer.

Buyers don’t expect sellers to be online 24/7. Us sellers have other lives too, ya know. :wink:

Be online when you can. Be offline when you need to be. But don’t sit around online waiting for sales and questions from POSSIBLE buyers. That’s not a good marketing strategy.

Instead of sitting around waiting, use your time wisely. Go out and promote your gigs elsewhere. Promote. Promote. Promote. And if you don’t know how to market or promote, do online search – there are plenty of tips on the internet from successful marketers that will give you ideas how to connect with your target market.


At least for me, I agree 100%.

If I get response within or around 12 hours, I consider that to be excellent communication. I have sellers that live on the opposite side of the globe from me.


Wow. This is a nice answer.


To get traffic on your gig, use social media, send out gig links to your previous business contacts. For long term, start blogging, do more social, build your own email list, and even consider paid advertising if it works for you.

You can also use the “buyers request” feature and actually write out to buyers asking for help.

How long does it take to get a buyer? No one can tell. I took a long time (because most of my gigs are expensive ) to find my buyers here (I am well-established elsewhere)

Keep at @aylindraw :slight_smile: Let that boat sail.