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New seller in translating (Turkish, English, Italian), proofreading and legal consulting


Hello giggers!

I have just opened my fiverr account and created my gigs. I am looking forward to taking an order soon.

  1. Can you check and tell me if there is anything wrong with my gigs?

  2. When did you get your first buyer after you opened your account?

  3. When I am doing a search as if I am a buyer, I do never come across to my gigs even if I strict my search criteria. Once there was only two foundings but still my gig was not one of them. What may cause this?

Thanks in advance for your answers!


This is a great place to ask for this sort of help. I would be happy to proofread everything you’ve put up if you take some advice on a couple of little things:

  1. You have a great little thumbnail here on the Forum, but your Fiverr profile picture is the letter A. Take your Forum thumbnail, zoom in a bit so you can be seen, and you’ll seem much more engaging.

  2. Cut your face out of your Forum picture (there are 8 million offers to do that on Fivver for $5), and overlay it over your gig images. It will make your image stand out among the others.

  3. Change your proofreading gig title to “I will proofread your Turkish document.” You could say “I will proofread your Turkish or English document” but that stretches your capabilities, I think.

Best of success to you in Fiverrworld.


Oh, please don’t call us “giggers”. I really don’t like that name,

Personally, I’d rather just be called a “freelancer”, which is what I am. :wink: