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New Seller Inbox Another Seller Asking for Jobs

Hi Everyone.
I been working with Fiverr for 2 years now…,
Everything is going well.

I notice these past two month, i got several inbox every week, just say:

“Hi, Need Work”
“Hi, I’m proffesional designer, looking for order”
“Hi, any jobs?”

Even worse just say “Hi”
---->> I report it as spam

I just curious how fellow seller think about this?
NEW SELLER inbox other seller asking for jobs

Personally, i think it’s very bad move.


Yes, it is spam, very annoying, and against the Terms of Service. Just block and report, like you are already doing.

When I start getting these spam messages, I always notice that my impressions will increase by 1000%+, and my orders will drop to 0 for at least a week. Are you noticing the same, or is it just me?


That’s their own way of battling competitions which is distasteful by the way. However, you can save a message “How may I help you?” In a document in your PC where you can copy and paste in order to keep your response time at 100%.
I tried to ignore spam and I dropped to 82 percent in a week.

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Maybe it has to do with conversion rate?

My latest hi message had a twist, so at least it was not as boring as the usual fare …

i hope you are doing well i want to become your agent on any rates possible
i hope you will consider me”

Guess I threw away the chance of my life …


Hi Vibronx

Yes…, now that you mention it…, i realize it happens to me too.
Everytime i got the spam message just “HI”
I won’t get any new order or new inbox from new client for couple of days.

Will keep in mind about this, and posting in forum once i got an update later


Oh, I am sure it does. That is why it is extra annoying. The same thing is happening to my proofreading gig now - to a lesser degree than usual, though. The impressions only rose by 450%.

I had the best week ever in my Fiverr career, and I am so close to being nominated for Top Rated Seller for the first time, so I must admit that I am a bit miffed. It always happens after a great period of sales.

I’ll show this graph again from my translation gig (I got cats drawn on it last time, so who knows what will happen this time? :grin:. ) The spikes (beginning of July and August) are the periods of spam with 0 orders.

You should have hired them for a rate of 0.00001% of your sales. They did say “any rates possible” …

Thank you. I am sorry to hear that, but I would be very interested in seeing an update.


Fire extinguishers may be fitting, or the opposite, TNT, depending on how the artist sees it.

Yes, you’d hope that non-conversion and blocking of spam wouldn’t influence anything, but I’m not so sure there either.