New seller interface is great


Did any one see the the big feedback appear on sellers profile interface called (username Deliveries)

For me this is great because any buyers can directly see your previous work and feedback.

What do you think?


We’ve noticed this recently as one appeared on one of our gigs. You’re right, it’s great! So much better than a demo, as it shows an actual piece of voiceover work we delivered to a customer!

But what I don’t know is how we can get more of them to appear! Does the buyer have to initiate this? (as essentially you’re now sharing someone’s work with the world…) Do we as sellers initiate this? Does Fiverr automatically choose it?

(btw, I’m not asking because I expect you to know - but if anyone reading this does, an answer would be great!)


I think only the rated projects appear. Not sure wether it’s only the 5 stars, or all of the rated ones.


Thanks - although I think there must be more to it than that. We’re at well over 150 5-star reviews with 8 months on the platform, and only one has appeared.

I’m convinced there must be some interaction with the buyer… What if the project was private and confidential? It’s not cool for Fiverr to simply start posting the work that people have paid for. Perhaps buyers are asked if they agree to the project being featured?

Either way, I hope we see more of it!