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New seller issue with buyer

I have recently joined Fiverr and started off with great appreciation and sales for my work. A couple of days before I came across a request to write 50 blog posts (4000 words each) in 2 days. I offered the client my gig that I had recently published. the client claimed that sources will be provided to minimize research time but that was not the case. there were many requirements and detailed research on the topic requested so i requested an extension in time which she ignored. However as hard as i tried, I couldn’t write the whole article in just 2 days so kept writing anyway after informing her when i came to know that it’s gonna take more than 2 days. she totally ignored my request and cancelled the order giving me 1 star review. she even told me that it was a trial order yet she did this. I don’t think i deserve it as I have worked for other clients too who are completely satisfied with my work. Now my rating has fallen off to 4.2 and that’s just so demotivating as I can’t offer requests in buyer request option as well. Please suggest what to do and how to get my rating back? Thank you for your time.

Is it even possible to write that amount in 2 days, with or without research? I think your offer may have been a little too optimistic in terms of length of time it would take to write such a large number of words.

Sadly Fiverr’s system left this review, not your buyer, as the order was very late and the buyer chose to cancel it.

All you can do is to try and get more orders with 5 star reviews to offset the negative one. Alternatively, with help from CS, you could close this account and start a new one.

Good luck! :sunny:


Thank you so much for your concern, I will try to contact CS as soon as possible regarding this issue.