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New Seller - less orders after one week


Hello, can anyone help me, please? I’m new on Fiver, published my first gig 3 weeks ago, after one week I have been “picked” by editors as raised talent and suddenly orders started to come like crazy. After one week I needed to use the option “out of office” (just for two days) because had personal stuff to do. Anyway I finished all orders on time, all rated with 5 stars everyone was happy with my work, but after taking “out of office”, it was already one week ago, didn’t get any more order, any! …
Can anyone tell me what can I do to start to get new orders?
If I can improve my gig or profile somehow?
Thanks a lot for any help! :slight_smile:



Hi there Kingwo
Well taking the option “out of office” is a big NO NO.
Try to avoid this option. its like you are telling Fiverr, “you are not available”, so they drops you from where you are. and thats what happened to you.


Is there some type of written proof to back your comment?


This happened to me, thats why am sharing.


To increase sales
The market needs to be found
For that
Promote your gig in social media networks


Now I know… but do you think is there any possibility to go up again or I need to create new gig/profile? Idk?
Thank you


What does it mean to promote in social media, I mean which sites because publishing it on my facebook profile don’t think so a lot of my friends will buy a gig they would rather ask me to do it out of fiver. Is there any specific sited where I can publish and gain new clients?
Thank you


You can promote your gig in these social media networks


Do proper SEO
Give at least 4 days for your gig to come into the Algo.
Search for your gig on all those keywords which you used while creating the gig.
note down the positions on all those keywords
Daily monitor the positions
change those keywords on which you are loosing postition
Do not change on which you are improving
Once you do edit to your gig, DO NOT touch your gig for at least 4 days
stay Online from your mobile app
stay active on fiverr forum, daily.
Market your gigs on social media.
I think thats about it.
KEEP HELPING :slight_smile:


Lets see,
Thank you :slight_smile: