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New Seller Listing Limits

OK can someone explain the logic behind not giving new sellers the ability to list more than 1 $5 item?

I just cant think of a logical reason to limit sales which limits Fiverr’s profits.

So lets think of a scenario. I start a new business. Get an LLC - find a supplier - find a building to rent. The landlord says all is good except for a certain period of time you are not allowed to sell more than one item. Well you can sell more than one item but your customers cant buy anything simultaneously. If they want to buy 10 cogs they have to buy 10 cogs separately. You ring up 1 cog take $1 dollar and do that 9 more times. The buyer is not permitted to select 10 cogs at once and you ring up 10. You must make 10 separate transaction.

Me: "Oh well what about all the other items I have to sell WTF?"

Landlord: "That’s your problem - but after you are here for a while and have sold a certain amount we will give you the ability to sell easier"

Me: " Are you on crack? I’ve never seen this done in the real world"

Landlord: " Actually I think someone was on something when that rule was created, but we see this as an extra benefit"

Me: "Extra benefit? LOL So let me see I’m trying to imagine this. A new McDonalds franchise opens down the road but they can only sell one item at a time. You think the drive thru lines are long now? "

Landlord: "Yeah it does sound a bit wacked - a pain for the customers and the owners but …but …I don’t know …now Im confused"


Are you sure you can only list one gig?? It wasn’t that way back when I started in 2012.

Right here:

“In January 2012, Fiverr launched the Levels system. This feature enabled more sellers to earn additional sales using tools which were previously available to a selected group.[9]

Fiverr has three “Levels”: Level 1; Level 2; and Top Rated Seller.[10]

Once sellers move up a level they gain the following sales tools:[10]

Gig Extras which enable sellers to add-on services to their gig at an additional cost (up to $100).

Multiples which enable buyers to order more than one gig at a time.”


They should be helping you make sales easier not harder or earned - crazy IMO

Levels - You gain additional features making it easier for you to offer more advanced services and generate higher income. Why make it hard in the first place? Makes no sense.

The reason is because every gig and provider costs them bandwidth to put up and administer. The number of gigs on this site is growing exponentially. If they devote equal bandwidth to people that produce sales for them as well as people that don’t, they will likely soon be out of business.

There is no mechanism for identifying which new users will be successful, other than the passage of time.

You know how they encourage you to add video to every gig you create? Well everyone and their grandma is doing so as well. However, not all sellers are created equal, nor are their gigs. Some people produce and sell, and some do not.

The simple truth is the vast majority of sellers on this site make little or no money for Fiverr, simple as that.

Put yourself in the shoes of a rookie salesperson at a new corporation. Do you think they will be heavily invested in? Get a lot of resources and tools to use? Keys to that shiny company car? Or will they be told ‘Go sell, kid’ and left to produce on their own, likely having to make due with whatever they can?

If you’re going to do things that sell, you’ll level up VERY quickly. The barrier of entry is low enough that many people buy their level. So let’s not act all oppressed because of a great opportunity that has some hoops to make it through.

My limit is 7 gigs. I assume that once I get to level 1, I will be allowed to hang out my shingle for more gigs. Is the limit 20 eventually?

I think the limitations help you have more solid success in the beginning. When I started we could only do $5 gigs during level 1, no gig extras, no custom quotes. I really believe that gave me time to develop. I would have crashed and burned if I had the traffic and features that you get later.

I’m a new seller, I’m at level “0” they have allowed me 4 gigs with extras. At least it says that I have 4 active. I’m not sure if the extras are showing up on the gig ad outside of what I see. I hope they are.