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New seller, logo design gig feedback request?

Hey Creative People!

I’ve edited and re-edited my gig countless times this evening.
Some things I am wondering about and hoping that there’s additional feedback you all may have for someone new at trying out this awesomely seeming selling tool :smiley:

1. How do I get my gigs gallery photo to retain its quality when uploaded?
I can’t seem to get my gallery image quality quite right. I’ve exported it from Illustrator as JPG w/ max quality to the exact minimum pixel size requirements recommended by Fiverr- but it still appears distorted/pixelated when I upload, though it looks crystal clear when I open on my computer.

2. Also, wondering if pricing should be lowered on my gig at first?
I normally charge my clients hourly and I feel like my pricing is adequately lower than what I’d normally change and doing so to promote myself but willing to take feedback here as well please.

3. Should I post more than 1 gig for more exposure?

And of course- anything else as far as feedback/critiques/tips are more than welcome!

Heres a link to my gig:

Thanks so much :smiley:



sorry if my post was ‘too wordy’ maybe… figured id just give this a shot to see if any feedback and if not I will let it be. thanks again…

Your gig gallery photo size is lower than the required size. Because of that, there has a white border around the gallery photo.

Try to make the gallery images using the following presets.

Color Mode: RGB
Size: 4000 x 2667
Resolution: 150 dpi
(this is my gig images presets)

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Thanks so much!! that definitely fixed my issue. IDK why I assumed that the min px values were going to be best size. :laughing: thanks again.

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You’re welcome. Also, Try to upload three gallery photo images. It is good for you gig.

Your gig looks good and logos also look well done.
However you have a lot people competing with the same style of logos as yours so you just need to be more patient to be found or take proactive position and do marketing for your gig.

And as it was mentioned earlier it will be better to upload 3 pictures so people can better understand your style.