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New Seller Losing Momentum

Hi everyone!

I’ve never used this forum but I wanted to give it a try. I feel like there is a lot to learn here!

My first gig has been published for just over a month now and I’m well on my way to level one already but I seem to have kind of leveled off. I’m not getting as many inboxes and my impressions have dropped. In fact, I was getting at least one order a day and I haven’t had an order for a couple of days now.

I understand that business will fluctuate but do you have any tips for me or maybe can share your experiences here?

Thank you all!

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The most important part of sales is promotion

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Thank you! I am working on promoting a lot now. I’ve been trying to be active on social media more and using that to share my gigs. I’m not super big into social media so it’s a new challenge for me to grow that aspect of my business.

Welcome. Take time to read through the forum and you will find a wealth of information and tips. Congratulations on getting off to a great start. Some sellers take months to get their first order.
Best wishes for your continued success! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you! I appreciate the encouragement and I will definitely be looking around here for all that I can find to help me!

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You could possibly upload more examples to a service like Soundcloud and put a link in your ad.


Thank you @davidstrongvo! That’s a great idea and I never thought of it. I’m definitely going to try that.

Always offer your existing buyers a discount when they other and ask them to refer their friends to you too. This method helps to keep afloat in rainy days like these.

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This is all such great information. Thank you for sharing @hd_animation. I feel like that is a crucial step to finishing up any order and I wasn’t doing it!

Where do you promote your ads? any specific fb groups or pages?

Just over a month and you are on your way to level 1? How do you promote your gigs? What platform do you use to share them?

@cookiesncream10 I just started using twitter, linkedin, and google plus but before this week, I wasn’t doing too much promoting. It seems to be working though. I’ve gotten several orders just in the last two days. I do have a website also but it doesn’t get a whole lot of traffic. It’s just for my own personal display mostly. I don’t write blogs or anything.

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@goliwog yes! I guess I’m doing good. I wasn’t aware until this post. The only thing left for me is to earn the dollar amount, which I’m over half way and I still have about 25 days now until I’ve made it 60 days. As of this week I started promoting on twitter, google plus, and linkedin. I also do buyer requests throughout the day. I usually start with that and then check back later. I figure even if they don’t result in sales this time, they may think of me next time they need a voice over. I’m thinking about going to my clients now to pick up some more orders. There are a few niches I’m good at in voice overs and I may send some custom orders through emails to those who don’t currently use voice over for their business marketing. What about you? What have you been using to promote?

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@melfolsom I am just starting to promote my gigs for the past one week. I created a dedicated Facebook page but no likes yet lol but I kept posting because I will promote that page later. I also created a Twitter page to promote my gigs. I think I got a couple of clicks from my tweets. I haven’t tried Google plus and LinkedIn but I think I’ll give them a try soon.

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Thanks for the response. I am new to this whole advertising thing and I was just wondering how do you advertise on twitter or linked in or google plus (never even used that)? where do you post and how does that gain you traffic. Would love some more info!

@cookiesncream10 Oh, it’s no problem. I’ll share whatever I’ve tried so far. Hopefully it helps you too!

And Google plus, I really don’t know how to use it but if you have a google email then you should have a google plus account and I just shared a post with my Fiverr link. You can share a post the same as you would on Twitter or Linkedin or Facebook.

I found a couple ways to advertise on those platforms.

The easiest way is to place your Fiverr page link right in your bio or about me sections. That way it’s always right there for anybody who looks at your page.

Just sharing your gig link as a post seems to help especially if you can write something fun with it and make sure you use hashtags on Twitter. For example, I wrote something like “Wow! I love the variety in my career these days. My clients are awesome!” #Fiverr #Voiceover And then of course, included my Fiverr link.

That’s one way.

The second is to try to connect with your target audience first. One of my target clients is authors. So for example, I recently posted a small excerpt of one poem I wrote and ended it with a follow me if you want to know when this book is available. That helped me to connect with my target audience. I had several very well known authors follow, like, and retweet. So my hopes are to gain the authors as followers and then when I share my Fiverr links, the authors have already established a connection with me through my writing.

Either way you go about it, the more engaging you can make your post, the better results you’ll have. If you can make short little videos or attractive pictures to post with your link that would work perfectly to get attention!

Are you currently using any platform to promote yourself?

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Thanks so much for all this great advice! I checked out your page and your gigs and layout looks great. Also your tips are fantastic and now i understand what people mean by social media advertisement. How do you attract people through twitter? How do you find who to follow? For example I am trying to build my transcription audience but I don’t know how to find people who need these services. Any tips?