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New Seller: My 30-Day Journey on Fiverr

Hello Fiverrians. In this short–I hope so–piece, I will be sharing my experience on Fiverr. I will really appreciate seasoned sellers to share their early experience with us and tips that can help us (“new” sellers). I can’t also wait to hear from new sellers like myself. I am a writer but I believe this piece can benefit new sellers in different categories.

I joined Fiverr last year October, but didn’t create any gigs until a month ago. Today marks the thirtieth day I got my first order. Oh it was a very sensational moment. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The 24hr/$5 order was like a $50 one, I was so excited! And why wouldn’t I? I mean, it was too good to be true–after what I’ve heard from friends about order’s dearth on Fiverr.

Before I became serious with fiverr, I told myself I would be patient for the next four months if I didn’t get any orders. And literal four months, I mean. No hyperbole here. My humble expectation wasn’t pessimism, far be it, but I was just being realistic. I am about the most optimistic person there is.

Don’t give up on BR
That first order made me realize the potency of Buyers Requests (BR) because I got the order from it. If I were to recommend any tip to new sellers (like myself), I would recommend the BR. Of course I know some new sellers are abusing it–perhaps out of primitive ignorance or cognitive exuberance. I wouldn’t blame the wilful defaulters though, I would blame Fiverr’s system. Please note, I am not saying Fiverr is not working on the issue (and there is no way I could know). But as a company, it has to take upon himself the sole responsibility of the system’s workability. Who else do I blame? :cowboy_hat_face:. Therefore, keep frequenting BR.

Another surprise: Twitter
I was still in the frenzy of the first order when another client popped into my inbox inquiring about my poetry gig. I couldn’t believe the whole thing. My inbox suddenly looked empyrean. I started seeing butterflies telling unicorns they need to temper their alicorns. The client and I went back and forth in what seemed like a movie scene: The second order–20 times lucrative than the first–was placed. I even got a tip after I delivered the work. To be honest with you, I kept checking the Revenues section in Fiverr’s app to see if the whole thing was true–if the order was still there. :rofl:

I eventually discovered that the client has commented on a thread on Fiverr’s Twitter page. This and the impressions on social clicks in my Overall Statistics compelled me to guess the client must have contacted me through Twitter. I could be wrong, but that doesn’t mean social media doesn’t help. One tip is to occasionally pin your gig’s link or profile link to your Twitter page and use appropriate hashtags like #Fiverr #Freelance #Hireme

Fiverr’s App
This app has helped me a lot! It’s very handy. Please, you need it.

Fast Delivery and Quality Job
I can’t underscore this enough! It’s very important you deliver your best to your clients. You need to also, if you can, deliver early to clients before stipulated time. This tells them you are reliable and competent. Avoid offering services you aren’t very good at to prevent bad reviews and prohibit future transactions. For example, I used to have a gig on pencil sketches because I can use Photoshop to an extent; I can even use it to design book covers, pencil sketches, photo editing etc. But I figured out I wasn’t yet perfect with it, so I removed the gig. Also, I can’t possibly combine two demanding skills together: Writing (creative and non-creative) and designing. You should, however, know that I added this design skill as an extra gig.

Patience and Evolution
In this short time, I have learned that everyday will not be Christmas. I have had buyers contact me through the BR requesting to see some samples and silence was all I got after. I have had my fair share of some prospective arrogant buyers (actually, only one). I got a 5* review from a client who never communicated during the entire transaction and even gave a review when I thought the money was all I was going to get.

All this has taught me to be patient and keep evolving. I resolved to keep honing my skills and not give up during dearth and hard times. I promised myself Fiverr wouldn’t give me fever, rather it would heal it. I encourage every sellers going through trying times not to give up but to innervate from within. Let us smile towards coming milestones. I have been bidding in the BR and it has not been yielding, but I won’t give up. I will keep improving. I won’t be battered, I will rather be better.

Thus far, I have completed four 5* orders with tantalizing reviews. This is my Fiverr experience. I leave the comment section to seasoned sellers to drop their tips and new sellers to share their experience.

Thank you.



Thanks, This is really good inspiration for new sellers.:slightly_smiling_face:

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I also have memories with fiverr
Most of these are very good

Except some unwanted issues


Thanks for your recollections as a new Fiverr seller, James.

I’m even more of a newbie than you; my gig’s been up for just a a couple of days.

I get the feeling that the buyer request route will be the key to early success as a seller, too.

I do find the way they are listed is a bit mysterious, though. Requests seem to appear and disappear for no logical reason. It would be nice if Fiverr listed the recently expired buyer requests with reasons why the requests are no longer active - withdrawn/violated TOS/successful seller found, etc.

Unless I’m doing something wrong, which is quite likely, of course! :crazy_face:


Thank you my friend. All the best! :v:

Thanks for your contribution @expertpeople I guess unwanted issues are inexorable? :grin:

My optimum pleasure dear @richpmedia. The BR still has to be worked upon. Your observation is right, I have observed that too. On the other side of the coin is the annoying spammers (I presume you know those I’m talking about :blush:) whose requests still hang there days after…

But let’s see what Fiverr comes up with. We can only hope and keep seeing how we can make sales legitimately.

All the best my friend. :raised_hand:

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It was indeed very helpful! TY!

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I’m glad it was. Enjoy! :v::blush: